Canvas is coming...

Canvas is a private global network empowering artists, collectors, intermediaries, and museums with a sophisticated business toolkit.

Canvas does not display, present, curate or transact art online. Instead the Canvas Artists Platform, iOS and Android Apps will address the “Business of Art”.

Canvas is all about the artists, the artist work, and the artists’ relationships. The Canvas Platform will focus on the way the artists transact and trade as a function to their craft and business.

An iOS app for Collectors is also in the works, this will help consumers of art create relationships with artists, other collectors, and organize their collections. The app and platform will serve to further organize and catalog all data points that make collections personal and passionate.

We are hard at work putting our toolkit and apps together for launch. Our beta is presently delayed and being further developed by our technology team. Our upstream partners are also in the process of approving our apps.

To the daily Canvas visitors; thank you for enquiring about our services. We have had thousands of requests to secure Canvas Credentials and email addresses; i.e or from artists and people in the art world. Our team asks that you pre-reserve your Name @ with your full name in the form provided below. Once we are live, you will receive an email invite with the ability to request or purchase a specific email address and the required credentials to use the network.

Thank you for all of your patience and inquiries to date. Updates will be posted as we near our launch as well as by email notification.

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